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How do I contact you?

Please call us at:

1-800-4MY-HEART (1-800-469-4327)

We are open 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. You may also email us. We would be happy to answer any of your questions.

Driving Directions

We are located at 2161 Ygnacio Valley Road, Suite #100, Walnut Creek, CA.

Approach Walnut Creek from Route 24 or Interstate 680 from any point in CA. Proceed east bound from Walnut Creek on Ygnacio Valley Road. We are located 1/2 mile past John Muir Hospital on the right side. Turn right in a driveway a few hundred feet past Walnut Ave. You will see a sign for Sunrise Assisted Living, make a right into their driveway, then an immediate right into our parking lot. The entrance to our building is around the corner on the left.

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What is a CT Scan?

Computed Axial Tomography (CT) is an x-ray technique that uses a computer to construct a cross-sectional image of the body.

What is an angiogram?

An angiogram is an x-ray picture of blood vessels or chambers of the heart that shows the course of a special fluid called a contrast medium or dye injected into the bloodstream. Traditional angiography is an invasive procedure performed in a hospital catheterization laboratory and usually requires a day of hospitalization. Heartscan's Electron Beam Angiography (EBA) test is a non-invasive alternative to traditional coronary angiography.

What is Electron Beam Tomography?

Electron Beam Tomography (EBT) is an outgrowth of Computed Tomography (CT) technology specifically developed to image fast enough to freeze the beating heart. Instead of a mechanically rotating x-ray tube, an electronically-steered and precisely focused beam of electrons is scanned around a tungsten target. The resultant collimated fan of x-ray photons is rotated to provide scans in 1/10 or 1/20 second, which is much faster than conventional CT scanners. EBT is the undisputed gold standard in non-invasive coronary imaging with years of scientific validation in cardiology and radiology literature (many times faster than slower, less-proven, mechanical CT scanners) and is used at many of the major university heart centers worldwide.

What is a 64 Slice MDCT?

A 64 Slice Multi Detector Computed Tomography is the newest CT scanner in cardiac imaging. The 64 slice CT is investigational and is in the evaluation stage for CT angiograms. Currently, however, EBT technology is the gold standard for calcium scoring.

Is the coronary artery scan an adequate substitute for an angiogram?

A coronary artery scan is not a substitute for an angiogram. A coronary artery scan is used for the early detection of coronary artery disease while an angiogram is used to measure the amount of narrowing in the coronary arteries. Due to the invasiveness of traditional angiography, the procedure is not used as a screening test for atherosclerosis.

What can I expect during the HeartScan exam?

You will lie on your back and be asked to hold your breath for a short time at various intervals. The scanning process is quiet, private, pain-free and takes less than 15 minutes. (For more information regarding other exams, please contact us at 925-939-3003.) There are no injections involved, no exercise requirements, no need to disrobe (except during a virtual colonoscopy, where the patient will wear a robe) and no changes are required to current medications.

How should I dress for the exam?

Wear comfortable clothes without metal closures, buttons or zippers. Women should try to wear a sports bra and avoid metal supports or underwires. Private changing rooms are available if needed.

Will my health insurance cover the cost?

HeartScan does not participate in insurance programs for our full body, virtual colonoscopy and heart and lung scans, but some insurers will cover wellness and preventative services such as screening scans.

Can I pay by credit card?

Yes. We accept all major credit cards, as well as personal checks and cash.

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